[Openrisc] Introducing: Debian for OpenRISC

Christian Svensson christian at cmd.nu
Sun Jan 26 00:35:00 CET 2014


I thought I would give an update on what I have been doing.
Some people know that I've been working on porting Glibc and doing some
toolchain work. My evil master plan was to make a Debian port, and today
I'm a happy hacker indeed!

Below is a link to a screencast of me installing Debian for OpenRISC,
installing python2.7 via apt-get (which you shouldn't do in or1ksim, it
takes ages! (but it works!)) and running a small Python script.

This is built using these major patches (that I can think of from the top
of my head):
- TLS and DWARF2 for GCC and binutils
- TLS and new atomic operators for Linux
- Glibc port for OpenRISC
- Sebastian's awesome QEMU w/ Linux signal, TLS and atomic patches
- Gazillion patches to Debian packages in order to bootstrap this. A huge
thanks to the folks over at #debian-bootstrap (especially wookey and

The full initramfs after this screencast weights 208 MB (170 MB after
autoclean). I'm running it using or1ksim @ 20 MHz with 28 MB memory (that's
what free -m says anyway). The root filesystem is exported over NFS which I
think is a major reason why it's slow.

If anyone want to try this on real hardware (would be very cool to see how
this runs IRL), ping me on IRC and I'll set you up with instructions how to
use debootstrap - just point to a repo with the debs and you're all set,
the wonders of binary distributions.
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