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Re: [Cores] Best solution VGA+Ethernet+...
by Unknown on Dec 3, 2003
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Hi Stoian, the Memec Spartan IIE-EC with a P160 Communication module (also available as bundle) comes pretty close. If using Xilinx ISE Webpack, make sure you select the small FPGA (Spartan 300), not the big one (which is not supported by the ISE Webpack). See for details. /// Juergen ----- Original Message ----- From: Stoian Marius marius79s at y... > To: cores at o... ethmac at o... , cores at o... , usb at o... , video at o... Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2003 09:42:48 -0800 (PST) Subject: [Cores] Best solution VGA+Ethernet+...
Hi all, I need to implement a solution(hw or sw) with support for all these: VGA+Ethernet+ac97+ps2+uart+epp+usb+processor core. I want to know which is the best solution (low costs) to implement this. I have the verilog code for all these but the synthesis gaves me a 400kgates FPGA(which is expensive for my application). regards, Marius __________________________________ Do you Yahoo!? Free Pop-Up Blocker - Get it now _______________________________________________

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