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verilog or vhdl - Let's finish this discussion ? (finally the end)
by Unknown on Dec 3, 2003
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.... i'm trying to say this and appear tha Vic agree to (a little). So ladies and gentlemen could we say that earth is rouund,...., ohg excuse that, could we say that both languages work and could us agree with this if yes PLEASE do not reply this mail, if you felt this necessarily use PVT (private) please. Thanks and Regards for all. Is more than time to us finish this topic. An if anybody here has some interesting things about this please felt free to sent to the list but like off-topic - OFF in beginning of the subject, because we are blowing the mailboxes of at least a hundred signer in the world. On 29 Nov 2003 10:12:44 +1100 John Sheahan jrsheahan at> wrote:
Come on Guys

Can't we just agree that both languages get used for
lots of real work and can used to do good things, and move on?

Prove your favorite language is better if you feel the need
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