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Feedback and questions about the coding guidelines document
by Unknown on Dec 11, 2003
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Hello, I have started using the OPENCORES coding guidelines for projects I am working on, and I have some feedback and questions about it. With respect to the suggested directory tree, I was wondering why there is not a directory for behavioral code, or if I just did not understand where it should go. I thought about putting behavioral code in the bench directory, but decided that was not a good place for it. I ended up adding a directory named "bhv" at the same level as the rtl directory, and with the same sub directories. If I did not misunderstand the intended use of the example directory tree, I would like to suggest adding this change to the coding guidelines. I am also curious about why the syn directory has subdirectories for vendors, but the sim directory does not. I am not familiar enough with multiple simulators to know if I should be able to write one set of scripts that would be compatible with multiple simulators, or if I need multiple different sets of scripts. I have been assuming that different vendors simulators would need different setup scripts. Is there a specific project that anyone would recommend as a good example of applying the coding guidelines? Regards, John McCaskill -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
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