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Master PCI
by Unknown on Dec 16, 2003
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Hi everyone,

I am now implementing a Master PCI core on FPGA. I would like to
see is my design works by writing data directly to the memory of the
graphic card. First, i use windriver check out the base address of the
graphic card. Then pass it to my PCI card. Then initiate a "write"
command with the address of the graphic card(the address i mean is the
physical address which store in the base address register in the
configuration space). The return signal tell me that the transcation is
finish and i success in handling the signals like GNT#, DEVSEL#...etc.
But afterall the value of the memory on the graphic didn't change ( if
success, the colour on the monitor should change immediately). I would
like to ask is it logical and possible for my testing procedure ? Or my
master PCI did something wrong.

Also , except setting the value on the command register in the
configuration space. Any other value i need to set in order to inform the
motherboard that it is a Master PCI device?

Thank very much for any reply.


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