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NEO430 Compilation Issue
by balde001 on Sep 30, 2020
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Hello guys

I am trying to use the new version of NEO430 but i am facing a problem compiling Blinking-Led program. I followed all the steps of the manual but with no sucess.
I am using Powershell with Win7 64bit. I attached a cut-out of a Powershell Window. i hope you could guide me into solving this problem.

N.B: I used the 2016 version previously in My master thesis without any problem.


Sofiane BENZID
Capture1.PNG (14 kb)
RE: NEO430 Compilation Issue
by andre208 on Nov 1, 2020
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One semi-column separator is missing in the PATH environment

- ...\WirelessCommon\ D:\msp430-gcc-\bin\...
+ ...\WirelessCommon\;D:\msp430-gcc-\bin\...

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