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OpenMSP430 simulation
by Parker001 on Nov 6, 2020
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I am currently trying to run the simulation of the openMSP430. I had issue to make it happen. I am using the windows version of modelsim. Could anyone please help me on how to setup and run the simulation?

More specifically, how can I use the run or run_all file in the rtl_sim folder? Do I need to create a project in modelsim and manually add all the core verilog design files and the verilog files in the bench folder?

Truly appreciate for any help. Scratching my head and waiting for reply.
Thank you!

RE: OpenMSP430 simulation
by olivier.girard on Nov 9, 2020
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Hi Parker,

The simulation environment of the openMSP430 is built to run in a standard Linux or MacOS terminal.
As the run and run_all scripts (and the scripts that these call under the hood) are all shell based, you will need to install Cygwin to get things up and running in a Windows environment.

I cannot really speak for the Windows case but under Linux, following the instructions from Richard in this thread will get you to run a simulation using Modelsim:

Hope this helps,
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