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Format of the "FRAME" stored in the Memory
by Unknown on Feb 11, 2004
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Dear all,

I am a new person in this forum. I have studied the
documentation of Ethernet IP core. Please help me
solve following:

1. While TRANSMITTING what fields are to be configured
in the memory before making the TXEN bit '1'? i.e.,
From which field of the ethernet frame, the "frame"
should start? With what field it should end? (Doubting because, Padding and CRC part are taken care by Ethernet IP Core. 2. Similarly while RECEIVING, what will be the format of the frame stored in the memory? Will the CRC be removed? Thanks for your time in answering these silly questions! regards, Mayur __________________________________ Do you Yahoo!? Yahoo! Finance: Get your refund fast by filing online.
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