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About step 4
by mpu on Jan 12, 2015
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I really not choose the good title.

I want to present only one mine idea, related to chip production. This idea I plan to implement in one (mine) project, which is closely related to OpenCores.

So, the first step is to produce very simple IC.
Next step is to plan more complicated, but still simple IC. First stage of this step is to produce prototype from discrete logic gates. Next planned this IC to be OPTIONAL part of bigger circuit board project. Designed chip will be placed in IC slot on board. When enough copies of board are sell - it will be collected money for IC production. Not that board can work without this IC, but on not so functional mode.

The 3-th step is related to cooperation with some chip producer. My project community will contact with produces and discuss some improvements. I think that many firms will be interested on such cooperation, since in this way they can find developers for their company.
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