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Re: About the or32-uclinux-ld
by Unknown on Dec 4, 2003
Not available!

test: test.o /opt/or32-uclinux/lib/libc.a ../support/reset-icdc.o
or32-uclinux-ld -T ../suport/orp.ld $? -o $@.or32

but when i run the script of makefile ,it doesn't pass. the errors are :
undefined reference to fopen,
undefined reference to fclose,
undefined reference to fputc
and so on....
These functions are usually part of the standard library, but they are platform dependent (how should a generic stdlib know how to output a character on your platform?). You will either have to implement this yourself (see, Chapter 12) or use an OS / stdlib that has been ported to your target. For example, if you use eCos with newlib, these functions will be implemented for you. I don't know what the opencores project provides, but I would guess they have a lib implementing these functions. If you obtain this lib, you will have to link it by specifying it to ld like this: (for libsupport.a:) -lsupport BTW, the ethmac forum was probably not the right place for this question. Heiko
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