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tutorials about soft-core processors
by Unknown on Dec 4, 2003
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Dear, maybe interesting information for people who are new at softcore processors and busses. during the course of our research project "embedded system design based on soft- and hardcore FPGA's", we've written: * a few reports : - about several softcore processors like OpenRISC and the related busses like Wishbone) - about the OpenCores IDE-core testcase (this core was modified and connected with the Nios, Microblaze and Leon SPARC) * a few tutorials (Altera Nios, Xilinx Microblaze, Leon SPARC and PowerPC405 (Virtex-II Pro)) all tutorials are very easy to use: bachelor students managed to build a complete embedded system in under 1 hour. as of today, our new website is on-line where you can download these documents and much more. our website address is: download section: we're working on tutorials for OpenRISC as well. they should come online in the coming month. I'll post a message when it's online. Best regards to all, Dries
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