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improved or32 linux 2.4.20 in cvs
by Unknown on Dec 10, 2003
Not available!

I've just imported a much improved version of or32 linux port. The
most notable changes are:
- complete rewrite of exceptions handling
- no more use of PA's when MMU is turned on (except for IOs). this
results in substential reduction of TLB misses and gives it a touch of sanity ;)
- new initrd with working sash-3.6
- a much more usefull oops message
- and a lot of improvments and bugfixes all over the place...

Included is also 'vmlinux' binary, so anyone who wants to give
it a quick try can do so...

Sash 3.6 used in initrd is compiled with uClibc-0.9.23 (also imported to
or1k/linux cvs directory).

have fun,

PS. this time the net/core should be included in the cvs. i think it's the
cvs's problem (refusing to import anything named 'core').
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