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uart 16750
by ankitsrivastav on Oct 4, 2009
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Hi! i am a student and a beginner in vlsi/fpga domain. I am studying
the uart 16750 design to get a feel of coding for practical applications.
i understand VHDL but i am not clear about the function of modules slib_mv_filter,slib_counter and slib_input filter. Could someone help me please ???? A brief description of what role each module plays would be of great help
to me !!!
waiting in anticipation :-)
RE: uart 16750
by azure_seu on Oct 13, 2009
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where are you from, or, which country are you in? I'm a beginner too,
and I'm a Chinese, could you please contact me and let's disscuss
problems in soc?

my e-mail
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