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PRBS Signal Generator and Checker
by venkatasu on Jun 6, 2018
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I was looking for a explanation for the " PRBS Signal Generator and Checker " that as been given over her can any one please give me an explanation for it it would help me for learning ?
RE: PRBS Signal Generator and Checker
by 3gghead on Sep 3, 2018
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If you mean the project itself, the generator core is designed to produce "Pseudo-Random Binary Sequence[s]" (PRBS) signals. The checker will should be able to define one or more 'generator' entities and check, by trial, that the design goals function properly and fail gracefully under unpredictable circumstances (unexpected input type/values, fan-out issues, etc.). The checker should also keep, in this case, a running statistical analysis of each PRBS generator which shows the relative/statistical 'randomness' for the generated sequences.

What can be learned? It seems like a project which should begin with the definition/creation of the testbed/checker first. Knowing how it's meant to behave should make it easier to define and implement the generator much more confidently. As Feynman suggests, "learn by explaining."
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