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Uploading a project
by karty97 on Jan 16, 2020
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Can someone please help me with uploading a new project?
My project request has gotten accepted but I am unable to figure out how to upload one.
Thanks in advance!!
RE: Uploading a project
by ocadmin on Jan 16, 2020
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Dear karty97,

Thanks for contributing with IP Cores!

Did you already check:
and (for the time being still SVN based)

In the case of one of requested project:
** Here: you can add info about your IP Core
** Here: the URL to your SVN repo that you can use from your host to version the project sources

Please keep in mind that both the above are required to consider a project "valid".
Otherwise we will contact you for update or deletion in three months time.

Happy contributing! Let's hope the community will make good use of your material!

/:/ OC-team
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