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FPGA Implementation of Analog Genlock and TCP/IP Ethernet
by tszymanski on Aug 17, 2021
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I am familiar with the workings of a FPGA but I need a little help on the best way to take in an analog genlock video signal and convert it to a fiber optics signal and drive a CWDM SFP. Along with taking in a ethernet TCP/IP and converting it to fiber. I am hoping to do both in the same FPGA. My current setup for the genlock video is a BNC connector the is attached to a ADC. Then the ADC is connected to the FPGA. As for the ethernet its coupled to a transformer which is directly connected to the FPGA. Should I create a "bit bucket" for both signals and TDM the two signals and drive the SFP? Or should I use a different method. What is the conventional method for handling the two types of signals Unfortunately on I can find ip for the TCP/IP but nothing for genlock video if that requires some special IP. My goal in this is to MUX and DEMUX the genlock and ethernet between two FPGAs that are connected via fiber. Finally is there a good book you can recommend for FPGA designs with different signal types? Thank You for your help.
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