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Embedded Logic analyzers
by chazley8871 on Feb 25, 2022
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This is an exploratory post to get an idea if there is interest in a personal tool that I developed and improved for almost 20 years. First it should be noted that this was not a project, but a tool I created and used to aid in logic development. It evolved incrementally, every time I had another FPGA design project, they got more complex. I was compelled to improve the LA to meet the need for debugging capability. Now many might say why wouldn't I use tools like chip scope... well I did for a while, but I like having complete control over my fate. It is a comprehensive tool that uses a UART interface. Over the years it finally morphed into a multimode design with a lot of programmability. I have named it "PLASE" Programmable Logic Analysis & Stimulus Engine. I am now retired and trying to continue having as much fun as I did for the almost 48 years I was in the electronics industry. 85% of my career was pure fun. I'm currently trying to finish a user's manual to be as informative as possible. The impetus for the current state of the design is for an advanced automation controller for my home emergency solar power station. The current target hardware is a Digilent CMOD A7 35T module... an awesome device to use for the core of numerous projects. Anyway just looking for some feedback before I put more effort into it. Thanks for any comments good or bad. BTW I have mainly targeted Xilinx devices, but it is certainly not limited to that.
RE: Embedded Logic analyzers
by metaforest on Feb 26, 2022
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I'm no expert in verification tools for FPGA tools. But I am very interested in anything that might ease the development process. I look forward to seeing what you have done.

RE: Embedded Logic analyzers
by payam_v on Jan 25, 2023
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I am also very intrested to your project. Not all vendor tools are capable the same thing as Xilinx ILA and Chipscope has already. And it is very intresting to have something vendor agnostic and prortable.

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