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Willing to join an on going project
by TDJ on Jun 14, 2020
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Hello All,

I have completed my Bachelor's in Electronics Engineering and have completed an industrial training in Advanced RTL Design and Verification.

I have good exposure to design and verification domain with the following qualifications:
* Good understanding of the ASIC and FPGA design flow
* Extensive experience in writing RTL models using Verilog HDL.
* Good experience in writing Testbenches using SystemVerilog and UVM
* Very good knowledge in verification methodologies
* Experience in using industry standard EDA tools for the front-end design and verification.

I am attaching here my Resume for further details about my skills and projects. I request you all to kindly give me an opportunity to contribute to your project. I would be very thankful and happy.

Tasmai Joshi
RE: Willing to join an on going project
by buenos on Jun 14, 2020
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My project was halted at the pre-testing phase. The code was modified from pcie_mini project that worked fine, to port it to the new Ultrascale series of fpgas. It was compiled, but not tested on a prototype. The work needed to be done is a full completion of the project, test it on a prototype, debug it and release new files directly to opencores.
If you are interested, contact me at
You know opencores is free, that means you can download cores for free, and also NO ONE PAYS you a salary or fee for working on any opencores projects.
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