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USB2.0 Status
by Unknown on Jan 23, 2004
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Greetings All,

Sorry if this is a bit redundant. I tried searching through the site but the forums archive doesn't seem to be working at
the moment. =(

I have been working with the OR1200 processor for almost a year now,
and we are now looking into adding the USB 2.0 core into our SoC. It
looks like the core is complete and in the testing phase. I was
wondering if I could get a quick synopsis of its current status and


1) What kind of testing has been done already? (FPGA, Silicon,
Testbench, etc.)
2) Has anyone tried a Silicon synthesis yet?
3) Have drivers been written for any of the uClinux ports currently
available for the OR1200 processor?

I, obviously, will have to have all three above. I am trying to get
an idea as to how much "new territory" I am venturing into and what I
will have to work on.

I am sure I will have more questions as I dive into this more.

Thanks much,

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