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usb 1.1
by jenjel on Aug 10, 2012
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i'm a beginner with usb protocol and i'm using the ML605 xilinx board.
i want to know if the usb1.1 function ip core and phy projects posted by Rudolf Usselmann
are compatible with this board. the ML605 board contains a usb controller which is connected
to the usb connectors.

Thank you for your help
RE: usb 1.1
by richard_vlamynck on Aug 10, 2012
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I'm not sure what you mean by "compatible," but it's possible adapt a USB-1.1 Function Controller IP to the xilinx board with some effort on your part.

Do you want to "replace" the existing usb on the ml605 board, or do you want to "augment" the existing usb by adding an additional usb port connected to the usb-1.1 function ip core?

If the answer is "augment by adding additional usb port," then you need to identify some spare fpga i/o pins for the port. Then, you need to wire up a USB "B" connector to those pins. The "phy" IP will go in-between the usb controller and the B connector. Alternatively, you might be able to program the fpga's i/o pads with the correct voltage, current and slew rates to replace the phy. That takes care of the hardware angle.

For the software angle, there are 2 major steps. First, you'll need to add the USB-1.1 Function Controller to a Xilinx ISE project specific to the ml605 board so that you can build a design that includes your usb-1.1 function controller. Secondly, you'll need to add some runtime software to the design to handle the usb packets that would now be arriving at your newly added B connector.

The same general recipe could work with most any fpga board. The ml605 is a great platform for system design, but some of the "smaller" boards are more suitable for breadboarding and adding i/o connectors such as a USB B connector.

RE: usb 1.1
by ravivlsiii on Aug 20, 2012
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Your Query only answer by who already verified USB Controller with same requirement as you are looking for. Everything is possible if you have good enough knowledge of USB System Verification. You can use external USB PHY Chip Snap-On-Board to connect with your board in case your board do not have any internal PHY Chip. If you want then i will give you information about altera board and phy chip that i have already verified.

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