FTDI FT60x USB3.0 to AXI bus master

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Name: ft60x_axi
Created: May 24, 2020
Updated: May 24, 2020
SVN Updated: May 25, 2020
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Category:Communication controller
Development status:Stable
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License: GPL

FTDI FT601 SuperSpeed USB3.0 to AXI bus master


This component allows an FTDI FT601 USB3.0 device to act as a high-performance AXI4 bus master.

Block Diagram

  • Interfaces to FTDI FT601 USB FIFO device.
  • AXI-4 bus master with support for incrementing bursts and multiple outstanding transactions (for high performance).
  • 2 x 8KB FIFO (which map to BlockRAMs in Xilinx FPGAs).
  • Designed to work @ 100MHz in FPGA (as per FTDI FT60x max clock rate).
  • Uses FT60x 245 mode protocol (32-bit mode).
  • Support for 32 GPIO.
  • Capable of sustained pipelined AXI-4 burst reads @ 170MB/s and writes @ 230MB/s.

Block Diagram


Verified under simulation (constrained random testing), and tested on a Xilinx Artix 7 with blockRAM and DDR3 targets on the LambdaConcept USB2Sniffer Board (connected to a Linux host PC).

Test setup;

Uses the FTDI D3XX drivers which are available for Linux, OS-X, and Windows (although this has only been tested under Linux currently).