Milkymist One interactive VJ station

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Name: mm1
Created: Jul 1, 2010
Updated: Aug 5, 2010
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Category:Prototype board
Development status:Beta
Additional info:Design done, Specification done
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Milkymist One features the Milkymist System-on-Chip, the most advanced open source SoC for interactive multimedia applications.

The Milkymist One will be a packaged, ready to use interactive VJ (live video performance) station. It is currently in active development and not generally available yet, however, some prototyping boards are available to developers.

- XC6SLX45 Spartan-6 FPGA
- 128MB 32-bit DDR400 SDRAM
- 32MB parallel flash
- VGA output, 24bpp, up to 140MHz pixel clock
- Multi-standard video input (PAL/SECAM/NTSC)
- AC'97 audio
- 10/100 Ethernet
- Memory card
- Two connectors that accept USB peripherals
- Two DMX512 ports
- MIDI IN and MIDI OUT ports
- RC5-compatible infrared receiver
- RS232 debug port

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