NanoBlaze: the expandable processor

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Name: nanoblaze
Created: Apr 7, 2015
Updated: Apr 9, 2015
SVN Updated: Jun 5, 2015
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Development status:Beta
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WishBone compliant: No
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License: LGPL


The NanoBlaze is a grow-up of the Xilinx Picoblaze microcontroller (http://www.xilinx.compicoblaze.html), hence the name.
Various sizes can be defined with the help of generic parameters:
- registerBitNb defines the data bit width
- programCounterBitNb allows to cope with different program lengths
- stackPointerBitNb adapts to various nesting depths of the subroutines
- registerAddressBitNb allows to choose the number of internal registers
- scratchPadAddressBitNb allows to manage the size of the scratchpad
- addressBitNb defines the size of the I/O space

It features an assembler written in PERL ( which runs on any operating system. The VHDL processor code contains a disassembler process which writes the current instruction in the form of a string. This can be displayed in the simulator for debugging purpose. The corresponding VHDL code is commented out for synthesis via the "pragma translate_off" clause.