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Requirements for Lunux FB driver

- Linux kernel version 2.4.x (we used 2.4.3) - Linux kernel must be compiled with Frame Buffer support - X windows (XFree86) version 4.0.x (we used 4.0.1a) - it contains direct support for Frame Buffer - You need to download PCI from CVS; Spartan dirver is in the pci/apps/sw/driver/fb/ subdirectory

What you have to do

- First you must login as a ROOT - You run the driver: insmod -f spartan_fb.o - startx and XF86Config-fb scripts must be in the same directory - You run script: startx and now you shoul see the X windows through PCI Test Application card


If you have trouble starting X, try following: - In the script XF86Config-fb, there is written in the line 57, which fb device should X server use (/dev/fb1). If spartan driver was registered with diferent MINOR number than MINOR number of node fb1, then select different device (/dev/fbX) in the script. - There is also possible, that some paths in the script XF86Config-fb are different than paths in your computer (e.g. LINE 13: FontPath "unix/:7100"). If you will find any troubles or solutions to your troubles, please contact Miha or Tadej or send email on the PCI Mailing list.