System-On-Chip based on bare Rocket-chip (RISC-V ISA)

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Name: riscv_vhdl
Created: Mar 4, 2016
Updated: Sep 27, 2018
SVN Updated: Nov 17, 2018
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Category:System on Chip
Development status:Beta
Additional info:Design done, FPGA proven
WishBone compliant: No
WishBone version: n/a
License: BSD


System-on-Chip source is hosted on Sergey Khabarov's github page.
Clone a copy of the repository with git like so:

$ git clone

Link to the documentation in pdf-format.


The IP Library is an integrated set of reusable IP cores, designed for system-on-chip (SOC) development. The IP cores are centered around a common on-chip AMBA AXI system bus and BSD licensed "Rocket Chip" implementing open RISC-V ISA. All IP cores use a coherent method for simulation and synthesis. This library is vendor independent, with support for different CAD tools and target technologies. Inherited from gaisler GRLIB library plug&play method was further developed and used to configure and connect the IP cores without the need to modify any global resources.


PCB Photo rev 1
Common top-level structure.

* CPU: Single core "Rocket-chip": 64-bits CPU (RISC-V ISA) with L1/L2 caches, MMU, TLBs, 128-bits data bus and etc.
* General set of peripheries: GPIO, LEDs, UART, IRQ controller etc.
* Portable asynchronous FIFO implementation allowing to connect modules to the System BUS from a separate clock domains (ADC clock domain): Fast Search Engines
* Ethernet MAC 10/100Mb (gigabit MAC by request) with the debug function (EDCL) that allows redirect UDP requests directly on system BUS.
* Debug Support Unit (DSU) provides access to all processors CSRs.
* Satellite navigation modules are distributed as a netlist files (in *.ngc format) or as a stubs.