Register Oriented Instruction Sets

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Name: rois
Created: Mar 7, 2016
Updated: Sep 29, 2017
SVN Updated: Jan 20, 2017
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Development status:Alpha
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License: LGPL


The project is microprocessor (uP) architectural exploration with a goal of a high performance FPGA soft core processor(s) over a range of word sizes and instruction encodings. Basic resources are a register file, a block RAM and a "load/store" architecture. Most instructions have 6-bit op-code and three 6-bit source & destination register addresses. Some instructions use 6/12/18 bit immediate fields with corresponding reduction in number of register addresses.

The download has a Xilinx ISE project for the Avnet Spartan-6 FPGA LX9 Micro-Board. It has a full set of basic instructions with a test bench exercising each instruction and condition code. Blinking LEDs code runs on the micro-board. Test bench runs correctly in simulation. This processor uses a 24-bit instruction, 24-bit data and has word addressing.

Processor _ _ _ _ Device _ _ _ LUT count _ _ Fmax (in MHz)
ROIS24_24min _ _ Kintex-7-3 _ _ _ 384 _ _ _ _ _ 170

LUT RAM for the register file. Block RAM for program and data.
Single clock pipe: Read next instruction, decode, read operands from LUT RAM, do operation, write result & fetch next instruction on next clock.

The download has a Xilinx ISE project for the Avnet Spartan-6 FPGA LX9 Micro-Board. It is a very minimal processor with four instructions: add immediate, add immediate with carry, output and branch. This is sufficient to create blinking LEDs on the Micro-Board via a 48-bit binary counter.