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Created: Jul 7, 2020
Updated: May 13, 2022
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Category:Arithmetic core
Development status:Mature
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License: LGPL


The Special Function Unit (SFU) is an acelerator devoted to perform tracendental and trigonometric operations. This module is commonly present in Graphics Processing Units as part of the rasterization operations, and this open-source version of an SFU is integrated in the FlexGripPlus GPGPU model. However, The SFU can also be integrated and used as independent accelerator or as a coprocessor of a processor-based system.

Please feel free to use.

Additional details, structural information and evaluations can be found in: "Design and Verification of an open-source SFU model for GPGPUs"

The SFU can operate input values in the floating-point format in single precision.

The supported functions are:

Sin(x), Cos(x), Log_2(x), 2^(x) and 1/(x)^(1/2)

The two first operations are implemented using iterative algorithms. The missing ones are implemented non-iterative (Table-based) approximations.

The model was checked in the simulation environments: ModelSim, QuestaSim, Xcelium Parallel Simulator, ZamiaCAD and ModelSim-Altera Starter Edition.

The model was synthetized in the DE2-115 FPGA platform by Intel-Altera.

The manual can be consulted in: Manual

The Hardware description can be downloaded from:

repository is:

This module was developed by the Robotics and Industrial Automation (GIRA) Research group in Universidad Pedagogica y Tecnologica de Colombia (UPTC), in the Electronics Engineering School. Sogamoso-Tunja, Colombia in cooperation with CAD group in Politecnico di Torino, Turin, Italy.



The SFU module was part of some research activities that were supported with funding by the European Comission through the Horizon 2020 RESCUE-ETN project under grant 722325. For more information:



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