SPI Master/Slave Interface

Oct 8, 2016Update page htmlDoin, Jonny
Jul 20, 2016Fix links in the home page. Documentation. Doin, Jonny
Jul 19, 2016Added "ASIC Proven". Several ASICs in 180nm, 130nm used this core. Doin, Jonny
Jan 5, 2013Working on hardening the FSM control register with a Hamming code self-correcting logic.Doin, Jonny
Nov 30, 2012Changes in the project pageDoin, Jonny
Sep 21, 2011Updated information on ISE 12.1Doin, Jonny
Aug 30, 2011Updated SVN files with clarified licensing, added full LGPL license text to the SVN trunk.Doin, Jonny
Aug 29, 2011Added license discussion termDoin, Jonny
Aug 29, 2011Updated SVN with fix for MISO preload mux.Doin, Jonny
Aug 19, 2011Update HTML for descriptionDoin, Jonny
Aug 19, 2011Updated FPGA test dataDoin, Jonny
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Aug 14, 2011Verification infoDoin, Jonny
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Aug 11, 2011Clarified description of operation.Doin, Jonny
Aug 11, 2011Updated SVN, added complete verification ISE project, changed description.Doin, Jonny
Aug 10, 2011Updated links in descriptionDoin, Jonny
Aug 9, 2011updated SVN for spi_slave.vhdDoin, Jonny
Aug 8, 2011Updated SVN files and description, to fix slave continuous transfer mode bug.Doin, Jonny
Aug 7, 2011Changed project description.Doin, Jonny
Aug 5, 2011Fixed "assert PREFETCH >= 1" at spi master. SVN files updated.Doin, Jonny
Aug 3, 2011Updated description at development status section.Doin, Jonny
Aug 3, 2011Updated documentation (specification manual and verification data).Doin, Jonny
Aug 2, 2011Cores are DELIVERED. Passed verification tests at 50MHz, for all SPI modes. Ready to be used.Doin, Jonny
Aug 2, 2011Updated scope photos. Updated SVN files. Cores working for continuous transfer at all spi modes.Doin, Jonny
Aug 1, 2011Simulated continuous transfer mode. Will update the SVN after verification in FPGA.Doin, Jonny
Aug 1, 2011Updated verification info and scope pictures.Doin, Jonny
Jul 30, 2011Updated verification info.Doin, Jonny
Jul 30, 2011Updated project description.Doin, Jonny
Jul 29, 2011spi_slave.vhd [v2.00.0110]: The slave core is redesigned and works for all SPI modes. Check scope photos.Doin, Jonny
Jul 29, 2011Added hardware scope screenshotDoin, Jonny
Jul 29, 2011Update project data and SVN files. Doin, Jonny
Jul 25, 2011v1.13.0125: The master core is fixed for CPHA='1'. Working on the slave core for the CPHA='1' cases. Will upload SVN files today.Doin, Jonny
Jul 17, 2011Updated documentation.Doin, Jonny
Jul 17, 2011Updated SVN files.Doin, Jonny
Jul 17, 2011Updated SVN files. Verified both cores in loopback for 50MHz SPI clock.Doin, Jonny
Jul 16, 2011Core verified. Changed status to Stable.Doin, Jonny
Jul 13, 2011Updated verification info.Doin, Jonny
Jul 13, 2011Updated SVN files. Minor changes and documentation updates.Doin, Jonny
Jul 12, 2011Update documentation and SVN filesDoin, Jonny
Jul 11, 2011Updated SVN files, correcting some old comment leftovers.Doin, Jonny
Jul 11, 2011Updated SVN files, with new version of the spi_master.vhd and scope screenshots.Doin, Jonny
Jul 9, 2011Updated information on silicon verification and slock streamlining.Doin, Jonny
Jul 8, 2011Verified in silicon in the Atlys board, at 12.5MHz and 25MHz.Doin, Jonny
Jun 20, 2011Uptated synthesis info.Doin, Jonny
Jun 16, 2011v0.97.0086: Uploaded new SVN version, fixed bugs, improved design.Doin, Jonny
Jun 15, 2011Atetntion: due to a proxy barrier, I'm temporarily unable to upload SVN updates. Working on it.Doin, Jonny
Jun 15, 2011New version fixes CPHA bugs and data transfer between clocks.Doin, Jonny
Jun 13, 2011Updated results of synthesis.Doin, Jonny
Jun 7, 2011Updated project description. Comitted SVN new revision. Doin, Jonny
May 30, 2011v0.95.0050: uploaded project files.Doin, Jonny
May 22, 2011Updated description and design frequency.Doin, Jonny
May 18, 2011Updated descriptionDoin, Jonny
May 18, 2011Added features blockDoin, Jonny
May 18, 2011Updated project description.Doin, Jonny
May 18, 2011Updated project description.Doin, Jonny
May 17, 2011Change project category to "communications controller". Upload source files.Doin, Jonny