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Release 13.1 Map O.40d (lin)
Xilinx Map Application Log File for Design 'VGA_Top'

Design Information
Command Line   : map -intstyle ise -p xc3s200-ft256-5 -cm area -ir off -pr off
-c 100 -o VGA_Top_map.ncd VGA_Top.ngd VGA_Top.pcf 
Target Device  : xc3s200
Target Package : ft256
Target Speed   : -5
Mapper Version : spartan3 -- $Revision: 1.55 $
Mapped Date    : Tue May 17 19:21:57 2011

Mapping design into LUTs...
Running directed packing...
Running delay-based LUT packing...
Running related packing...
Updating timing models...

Design Summary

Design Summary:
Number of errors:      0
Number of warnings:    0
Logic Utilization:
  Number of Slice Flip Flops:           237 out of   3,840    6%
  Number of 4 input LUTs:               852 out of   3,840   22%
Logic Distribution:
  Number of occupied Slices:            504 out of   1,920   26%
    Number of Slices containing only related logic:     504 out of     504 100%
    Number of Slices containing unrelated logic:          0 out of     504   0%
      *See NOTES below for an explanation of the effects of unrelated logic.
  Total Number of 4 input LUTs:         936 out of   3,840   24%
    Number used as logic:               852
    Number used as a route-thru:         84

  The Slice Logic Distribution report is not meaningful if the design is
  over-mapped for a non-slice resource or if Placement fails.

  Number of bonded IOBs:                 29 out of     173   16%
  Number of RAMB16s:                      6 out of      12   50%
  Number of BUFGMUXs:                     2 out of       8   25%

Average Fanout of Non-Clock Nets:                2.90

Peak Memory Usage:  140 MB
Total REAL time to MAP completion:  4 secs 
Total CPU time to MAP completion:   3 secs 


   Related logic is defined as being logic that shares connectivity - e.g. two
   LUTs are "related" if they share common inputs.  When assembling slices,
   Map gives priority to combine logic that is related.  Doing so results in
   the best timing performance.

   Unrelated logic shares no connectivity.  Map will only begin packing
   unrelated logic into a slice once 99% of the slices are occupied through
   related logic packing.

   Note that once logic distribution reaches the 99% level through related
   logic packing, this does not mean the device is completely utilized.
   Unrelated logic packing will then begin, continuing until all usable LUTs
   and FFs are occupied.  Depending on your timing budget, increased levels of
   unrelated logic packing may adversely affect the overall timing performance
   of your design.

Mapping completed.
See MAP report file "VGA_Top_map.mrp" for details.

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