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; 27 May 2017
; updated 25 January 2021
sramsize  .equ x'8000

        movd x'20000010,r0
        jump r0

        .align 16
        movd 100000,r0          ; wait some ms until reset stable (board dependent)
wloop:  acbd -1,r0,wloop
        movd x'20400000,r1      ; address of LEDs
        movqd 0,0(r1)           ; all went off
        movd x'FFFF,4(r1)               ; the seven segment went off
        lprd cfg,x'BF6
        lprd sp,x'300
        lprd intbase,x'300
        addr nmi,@x'304
        movd x'20200000,r7      ; UART - fix Register
        addr welcome,r0
        bsr string
; SRAM-Test : Bit Test
        movqw 1,r2
        movd x'20100000,r3
l01:    movw r2,0(r3)           ; write
        addqd 2,r3
        addw r2,r2
        cmpqw 0,r2
        bne l01
        movqw 1,r2
        movqw 0,r3
l02:  cmpw 0(r3),r2             ; read
        bne err
        addqd 2,r3
        addw r2,r2
        cmpqw 0,r2
        bne l02
        movl datfp,-15(r3)
        cmpl datfp,-15(r3)
        bne err
; Address steping
        movd x'20100000,r3
        movd x'20000,r2         ; Initialize on 0
l03:    movqd 0,0(r3)
        addqd 4,r3
        acbd -1,r2,l03
        movd x'20100000,r3      ; Test of 0 and 1 write
        movd x'40000,r2
l04:    cmpqw 0,0(r3)
        bne err
        movqw -1,0(r3)
        addqd 2,r3
        acbd -1,r2,l04
        movd x'20100000,r3      ; Test on 1 and 0 write
        movd x'40000,r2
l05:    cmpqw -1,0(r3)
        bne err
        movqw 0,0(r3)
        addqd 2,r3
        acbd -1,r2,l05
        movd x'20100000,r3      ; Test on 0
        movd x'40000,r2
l06:    cmpqw 0,0(r3)
        bne err
        addqd 2,r3
        acbd -1,r2,l06
        addr sram_ok,r0
        bsr string
; INT vector points to SRAM
        movd x'20100300,r3
        addr nmi,4(r3)
        addr int,0(r3)
        lprd intbase,r3
        lprd sp,x'20100300
        lprd sb,x'20100400      ; working area
        movqd 0,-4(sb)          ; counter in NMI
        sbitb 31,x'300004(r7)   ; NMI enable
; iDRAM-Test : Bit Test
        movqd 1,r2
        movqd 0,r3
l21:    movd r2,0(r3)           ; write
        addqd 4,r3
        addd r2,r2
        cmpqd 0,r2
        bne l21
        movqd 1,r2
        movqd 0,r3
l22:  cmpd 0(r3),r2             ; read
        bne err
        addqd 4,r3
        addd r2,r2
        cmpqd 0,r2
        bne l22
        movl datfp,-15(r3)
        cmpl datfp,-15(r3)
        bne err
; Address stepping
        movqd 0,r3
        movw sramsize,r2                ; Initialize to 0
l23:    movqd 0,0(r3)
        addqd 4,r3
        acbw -1,r2,l23
        movqd 0,r3                      ; Test on 0 and 1 write
        movw sramsize,r2
l24:    cmpqd 0,0(r3)
        bne err
        movqd -1,0(r3)
        addqd 4,r3
        acbw -1,r2,l24
        movqd 0,r3                      ; Test on 1 und 0 write
        movd sramsize,r2
l25:    cmpqd -1,0(r3)
        bne err
        movqd 0,0(r3)
        addqd 4,r3
        acbw -1,r2,l25
        movqd 0,r3                      ; Test on 0
        movw sramsize,r2
l26:    cmpqd 0,0(r3)
        bne err
        addqd 4,r3
        acbw -1,r2,l26
; Now all Data right initialize
        movd x'300,r0
        lprd sp,r0
        lprd sb,x'400           ; working area
        addr int,0(r0)
        addr nmi,4(r0)
        lprd intbase,r0
        movqd 0,-8(sb)          ; readpointer of RX buffer
        movqd 0,-12(sb)         ; writepointer of RX buffer
        movqb 0,-4(sb)          ; count byte for NMI
        movqd 0,-20(sb)         ; pointer for Dump
        addr idram_ok,r0
        bsr string
        bispsrw x'800           ; Int enable
        sbitb 9,0(r7)           ; UART RX Int on
        addr string,-24(sb)     ; save address of string service routine
; ***************************************************************
; Endless loop : wait on Input from UART
; ***************************************************************
new:    movd x'20240002,-2(sb)
        sprd sb,r0
        bsr string
        movqd 0,-16(sb)         ; Number of characters in buffer
loop:   wait
        cmpd -8(sb),-12(sb)     ; has the UART something received?
        beq loop                        ; No
; Auswertung
        movd -8(sb),r1
        movb x'100(sb)[r1:b],r0
        addqb 1,-8(sb)
        checkb r1,cvalid,r0     ; special character ?
        bfs sys1                        ; Yes
        movd -16(sb),r1
        cmpqd 0,r1
        bne sys2
        cmpb '+',r0
        beq sys3
        cmpb '-',r0
        beq sys4
sys2:   movb r0,0(sb)[r1:b]
        addr 1(r1),-16(sb)
sys0:   bsr out
        br loop
sys1:   cmpb 8,r0                       ; Delete
        bne sys5
        cmpqd 0,-16(sb)
        beq loop
        addqd -1,-16(sb)
        bsr out
        movb ' ',r0
        bsr out
        movb 8,r0
        br sys0
; Here is some confusion about CR and LF operation with a terminal
sys5:   cmpb 13,r0              ; CR only output
        bne sys_x               ; was earlier sys0
        bsr out
        movb 10,r0
        cmpb 10,r0              ; LF now analyzing input
        bne new
; Analyzing input:
        bsr out
        sprd sb,r2
        movd -16(sb),r1         ; Number of characters in buffer
sys7:   cmpqd 0,r1
        beq new
        movb 0(r2),r0
        addqd 1,r2
        addqd -1,r1
        cmpb ' ',r0
        beq sys7                        ; next character
        bicb x'20,r0            ; only capital letters
        movqd 0,r6
        cmpb 'L',r0                     ; "Load"
        beq sys6
        movqd 1,r6
        cmpb 'R',r0                     ; "Run"
        beq sys6
        movqd 2,r6
        cmpb 'D',r0                     ; "Dump"
        beq sys6        
        br erin                 ; Error in input
; now look for ' ' and address input
sys6: cmpqd 0,r1
        beq erin                        ; no input any more
        cmpb ' ',0(r2)
        addqd 1,r2
        addqd -1,r1
        bne sys6
; now look for characters
sys8:   cmpqd 0,r1
        beq erin
        cmpb ' ',0(r2)
        addqd 1,r2
        addqd -1,r1
        beq sys8
; Addresse build
        movqd 0,r4
sy10:   movb -1(r2),r3
        checkb r5,cziff,r3
        bfc sy11
        bicb x'20,r3
        checkb r5,cabc,r3
        bfs erin                        ; illegal character -> Abort
        addb 10,r5
sy11:   ashd 4,r4
        orb r5,r4
        cmpqd 0,r1
        beq sys9
        addqd 1,r2
        addqd -1,r1
        br sy10
; Now execute ...
        .align 4
sys9: casew sy12[r6:w]
sy12:   .word syld-sys9
        .word sygo-sys9
        .word sydu-sys9
; Program Call
sygo:   jsr r4
        movd x'20200000,r7
        br new
; make Dump , R4 is pointer
sys4:   subd 512,-20(sb)
sys3:   movd -20(sb),r4
        movb 13,r0                      ; make CR before
        bsr out
sydu:   movb 16,r5                      ; Number of Lines
sy18:   sprd sb,r0                      ; Pointer to String
        movzbd 28,r1
sy13:   extd r1,r4,r2,4
        movb datah[r2:b],0(r0)
        addqd 1,r0
        addqb -4,r1
        cmpqb -4,r1
        bne sy13
        movb 16,r6
sy15:   movb ' ',0(r0)
        addqd 1,r0
        addr -1(r6),r2
        andb 3,r2
        cmpqb 3,r2
        bne sy14
        movb ' ',0(r0)
        addqd 1,r0
sy14: extsd 0(r4),r2,4,4
        movb datah[r2:b],0(r0)
        extsd 0(r4),r2,0,4
        movb datah[r2:b],1(r0)
        addqd 2,r0
        addqd 1,r4
        acbb -1,r6,sy15
        movw x'2720,0(r0)
        addqd 2,r0
        addr -16(r4),r4
        movb 16,r6
sy16:   movb 0(r4),r2
        checkb r1,cvalid,r2
        bfc sy17
        movb '.',r2
sy17:   movb r2,0(r0)
        addqd 1,r0
        addqd 1,r4
        acbb -1,r6,sy16
        movd x'0A0D27,0(r0)
        addqd 3,r0
        movzbw r0,-2(sb)
        sprd sb,r0
        bsr string
        acbb -1,r5,sy18
        movd r4,-20(sb)
        br new
; Example:
; ":200000006DA60BF757A000000C80CF0F00D7A1FFFFFE00D4A315165C7810D4A30D185C7800"
; ":007FE001A0"
; R4 pointer to memory
; R5 "0" counter
syld:   movqd 0,r5
sy23:   bsr getchar
        cmpb ':',r0
        bne abort                       ; Abort if not ':' - what happens after this don't care
        movqd 0,r6                      ; Checksum=0
        bsr getbyte
        cmpqb 0,r0
        beq sy19                        ; End
        movb r0,r1
        bsr getbyte
        movzbd r0,r2
        lshd 8,r2
        bsr getbyte
        movb r0,r2
        bsr getbyte
        cmpqb 0,r0
        bne abort                       ; if not 0 - Abort. Limited to 64K 
sy20:   bsr getbyte
        movb r0,r4[r2:b]
        addqd 1,r2
        addqd 1,r5
        acbb -1,r1,sy20
        bsr getbyte
        cmpqd 0,r6
        bne abort
sy21:   bsr getchar                     ; CR and LF read
        cmpb 10,r0                      ; there are Files without CR !
        bne sy21
; show how many load up to now R2 -> decimal
        movd 10000,r0
        addr 1(sb),r3
        movd x'D0006,-2(sb)
        movd r5,r2
sy22:   movd r2,r1
        divd r0,r1
        orb x'30,r1
        movb r1,0(r3)
        addqd 1,r3
        modd r0,r2
        divd 10,r0
        cmpqd 0,r0
        bne sy22
        sprd sb,r0
        bsr string
        br sy23
; ******* Load finished *******
sy19: movqb 4,r1
sy24:   bsr getbyte
        acbb -1,r1,sy24
        cmpqd 0,r6
        bne abort
sy25:   bsr getchar                     ; CR and LF read
        cmpb 10,r0
        bne sy25
        addr crlf,r0
sy26:   bsr string
        br new

erin:   addr erinfo,r0
        br sy26

        save [r1]
gec1:   cmpd -8(sb),-12(sb)
        beq gec1
        movd -8(sb),r1
        movb x'100(sb)[r1:b],r0
        addqb 1,-8(sb)
        restore [r1]
        ret 0

        save [r1,r2]
        bsr getchar
        checkb r1,cziff,r0
        bfc geb1
        bicb x'20,r0
        checkb r1,cabc,r0
        bfc geb2
        orw x'A00,r6
geb2:   addb 10,r1
geb1:   ashd 4,r1
        bsr getchar
        checkb r2,cziff,r0
        bfc geb3
        bicb x'20,r0
        checkb r2,cabc,r0
        bfc geb4
        orw x'A00,r6
geb4:   addb 10,r2
geb3:   orb r2,r1
        addb r1,r6                      ; add to Checksum
        movb r1,r0
        restore [r1,r2]
        ret 0

        addr lderr,r0
        bsr string
        br new

out:    tbitb 11,0(r7)
        bfs out
        movb r0,0(r7)
        ret 0

        save [r1,r7]
        movd x'20200000,r7
        movw -2(r0),r1
st3:    cmpqw 0,r1
        beq st1
st2:    tbitb 11,0(r7)
        bfs st2
        movb 0(r0),0(r7)
        addqd 1,r0
        acbw -1,r1,st2
st1:    restore [r1,r7]
        ret 0
datal:  ; 0     1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    A    B    C    D    E    F
 .byte x'3F,6,x'5B,x'4F,x'66,x'6D,x'7D,x'07,x'7F,x'6F,x'77,x'7C,x'39,x'5E,x'79,x'71

datah: .byte '0123456789ABCDEF'

        .align 4
datfp:  .double x'87654321,x'0FEDCBA9
cvalid: .byte x'7E,x'20
cziff:  .byte '90'
cabc:           .byte 'FA'

                .word txt_1-sram_ok
sram_ok:        .byte '512K SRAM ok.',13,10
txt_1:  .word txt_2-welcome
welcome:        .byte 13,10,'Hardware: TRIPUTER V0.1 , 27 May 2017'
                .byte 13,10,'Software: MONITOR  V0.1 , 27 May 2017',13,10
txt_2:  .word txt_3-idram_ok
idram_ok:       .byte '128K iDRAM ok.',13,10
txt_3:  .word txt_4-error
error:  .byte 'Memory Fault !!!',13,10
txt_4:  .word txt_6-lderr
lderr:  .byte 13,10,'Error in Load!',13,10
txt_6:  .word txt_7-crlf
crlf:           .byte 13,10
txt_7:  .word txt_8-erinfo
erinfo: .byte 'Error in input!',13,10

        .align 4
nmi:    save [r0,r1]
        movb -4(sb),r0
        extsd r0,r1,0,4
        comb datal[r1:b],x'200004(r7)
        extsd r0,r1,4,4
        comb datal[r1:b],x'200005(r7)
        bispsrb 1
        addpb 0,r0
        cmpb x'60,r0
        beq nmi1
nmi2:   movb r0,-4(sb)
        restore [r0,r1]
        rett 0
nmi1:   movqb 0,r0
        br nmi2

        .align 4
int:    save [r0]               ; RX UART
        movd -12(sb),r0
        movb 0(r7),x'100(sb)[r0:b]
        addqb 1,-12(sb)
        movb x'100(sb)[r0:b],x'200000(r7)
        movb r0,x'200002(r7)
        restore [r0]

err:    addr error,r0
        bsr string
err1:   comw x'4040,4(r1)       ; 0 = leuchten
        br err1

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