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<b><font size=+2 face="Helvetica, Arial"color=#bf0000>Project: ps2_interface</font></b><p><table  align=center border=1 cellPadding=2 cellSpacing=0 width="100%" valign="top"><tbody><tr bgcolor=#bbccff>    <td align=center valign=center>
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<p><a href="./ps2_mouse.v">ps2_mouse.v</a>.  This file contains the ps2 mouse interface.
<a href="./ps2_keyboard.v">ps2_keyboard.v</a>.
This file contains the ps2 keyboard interface.
<a href="./"></a>.
This file contains an example of the ps2_keyboard module in use.  It implements an rs232 ASCII transmitter.  You can hook up a PC using hyperterm (115,200 with N,8,1) and see the keys which you type on the keyboard show up at the PC in the terminal window!  Also, pressing "-A" at the terminal window causes the scroll lock LED to light up, "-B" causes the Num Lock LED to light up, and so forth.  This is tricky to get working, but fun to see in operation.
<a href="./"></a>.
This file shows the ps2_mouse module in use.  It uses the mouse to control a small crosshairs on an LCD screen.  When the mouse buttons are pressed, the crosshairs change color.  The lcd flat-panel which was tested was from an IBM 700C laptop computer, and it required a pixel clock of around 25 MHz (this design used 49.152 MHz divided by two.)
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