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# Do 
#   ./bin/soc_maker_cli -l spec/test_soc_lib  examples/run.txt
# to run this example

n my_soc v1 top

# create two instances of core_A and core_B
a core_A rel1 A_inst
a core_B rel1 B_inst

# set parameter 'param1' for 'A_inst'
p A_inst param1 16

p A_inst param2 8

# set static-parameter for core_A
sparameter core_Arel1 p2 3

# connect A_inst and B_inst
c A_inst ifc01 B_inst myifc my_connection

# add a third instance
a core_A rel1 C_inst

# delete the instance
d C_inst

# generate the files

s test.yaml

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