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12 Explicitly set python to execute within a batch file gdevic 2757d 15h /a-z80/
11 zxspectrum improvements:

- Added ZX Spectrum ROM mods as described in the blog:
This mod allows NMI interrupt to break into a special
handler code inside the ROM image and let the user
type a POKE address (5 decimal digits) + value (3
decimal digits) to modify a memory location
- Changed default joystick pins to Atari style joystick
as described in the blog
- Added a timing constraints file
gdevic 2970d 01h /a-z80/
10 zxspectrum: Various improvements

- Fixed keyboard bug (by Bogdan S.)
- Minor comment changes
- Renamed reset to nreset
gdevic 3015d 15h /a-z80/
9 Updated documentation gdevic 3016d 09h /a-z80/
8 z80: Release 4 gdevic 3016d 11h /a-z80/
7 z80: Fixing repeating INIR/OTIR class of instructions gdevic 3080d 16h /a-z80/
6 Added deployment folder with all files needed to use the CPU
Changed ZX Spectrum project to use deployment files as example
Changed extension for Verilog include files from *.i to *.vh
Updated documentation; added section on file generators
Minor corrections and fixes to various files
gdevic 3431d 02h /a-z80/
5 zxspectrum: Various improvements

- Added "Turbo" speed mode switch (SW2)
- Turbo speed is (3.5 MHz x 2 = 7.0 MHz)
- LEDG5 lits when a key is being pressed
- LEDG6 blinks when a speaker/line-in is being toggled

- Fixed a false clock for ula:beep
- Fixed unused Kempston input warning
- Updated documentation to 1.1
gdevic 3460d 15h /a-z80/
4 - Removed files that are left in the root folder gdevic 3466d 16h /a-z80/
3 - New directory structure
- Added documentation files (and PDF versions)
- Fixed tests
gdevic 3466d 16h /a-z80/
2 Initial import of the A-Z80 project files. gdevic 3472d 16h /a-z80/
1 The project and the structure was created root 3472d 23h /a-z80/

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