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81 Make the tcp functionality more like a normal sockets implementation. csantifort 4072d 03h /amber/trunk/
80 Enhanced boot-loader-ethmac to handle any number of telnet connections. csantifort 4086d 06h /amber/trunk/
79 Added msc flash file csantifort 4086d 11h /amber/trunk/
78 Added a serial debug port (using UART0) to boot-loader-ethmac csantifort 4086d 13h /amber/trunk/
77 Added new a23 source files to sim and synthesis source lists. csantifort 4088d 09h /amber/trunk/
76 Split the spec document into a processor core spec, and a user guide. csantifort 4088d 09h /amber/trunk/
75 Fixed scripts after renaming boot-loader to boot-loader-serial csantifort 4094d 07h /amber/trunk/
74 The patch implements barrel shifter using rotate as a main primitive.
The design was optimized for Altera Cyclone III FPGA and can be reused
with other FPGA vendors and products.
The patch integrates the FPGA-optimized barrel shifter into the
Amber 23 core when it is build for Altera FPGA.

The patch reduces footprint from 1178 to 339 LEs keeping Fmax at 57-60 MHz.

Contributed by: Dmitry Tarnyagin <>
csantifort 4094d 07h /amber/trunk/
73 The patch introduces a new configuration option `A23_RAM_REGISTER_BANK,
which controls instantiation of Amber 23 register bank.
If the option is set, a ram-based variant of the register bank is instantiated.
It can be useful in low-end FPGA designs, where flipflops and muxes are costly.

Altera Cyclone III resource utilization:
- flipflop-based register bank: 1583 combinationals + 856 registers
- ram-based register bank: 268 combinationals + 156 registers

Contributed by Dmitry Tarnyagin <>
csantifort 4094d 07h /amber/trunk/
72 5 bit "OH_USR" constant was used when 2 bit "USR" should be used.
Both of the constants are 0.
The fault was introduced by ram-based register bank commit.
Contributed by: Dmitry Tarnyagin <>
csantifort 4094d 08h /amber/trunk/
71 Original Amber 23 core uses asyncronous implementation of register bank.
It leads to some problems with ram-based implementation of the register bank,
because at least Altera FPGAs uses syncronous ram blocks, so the whole address
needs to be latched.

The patch exposes non-registered versions of register select signals to the
register bank, so the bank can build address and latch it in the syncronous
ram input register.

The patch is a pre-requisite for ram-based register bank implementation on Altera FPGA.

Contributed by Dmitry Tarnyagin <>
csantifort 4094d 08h /amber/trunk/
70 The mlas_bug testcase tried to use stack without setting stack pointer
register, causing unpredictable behavoiur.
The patch uses an expilict stack area for the test.
Contributed by: Dmitry Tarnyagin <>
csantifort 4094d 08h /amber/trunk/
69 Updated the spec for ISE 14.5, boot-loader-ethmac. csantifort 4094d 08h /amber/trunk/
68 Remove modelsim files. Only supporting Xilinx isim now. csantifort 4094d 09h /amber/trunk/
67 renamed boot-loader.c to boot-loader-serial.c csantifort 4094d 09h /amber/trunk/
66 Remove the stand-alone ethmac test. Use boot-loader-ethmac instead to verify ethmac functionality. csantifort 4094d 09h /amber/trunk/
65 Renamed boot-loader to boot-loader-serial csantifort 4094d 09h /amber/trunk/
64 Support latest Xilinx ISE 14.5 software. csantifort 4094d 09h /amber/trunk/
63 Add support for Xilinx ISim Verilog simulator.
Remove Virtex-6 files.
csantifort 4094d 14h /amber/trunk/
62 Added source for amber-pkt2mem csantifort 4247d 02h /amber/trunk/

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