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82 Fixed overflag bug, ldmia user regs bug and status_bits_mode set on non-ececuting command bug csantifort 3419d 14h /amber/trunk/doc/
76 Split the spec document into a processor core spec, and a user guide. csantifort 4099d 22h /amber/trunk/doc/
69 Updated the spec for ISE 14.5, boot-loader-ethmac. csantifort 4105d 21h /amber/trunk/doc/
48 Fixed a bug in linux that caused the os to not return to the running application after an interrupt.
Hello-world now runs stand-alone again.
Added initrd-200k-dhry, a disk image that uses the dhry program for init.
csantifort 4757d 22h /amber/trunk/doc/
43 Added support for the flat executable file format to vmlinux, so that the hello-world program is correctly relocated when it is loaded at the end of the vmlinux test.
Changed the Virtex-5 clock configuration to use a 1200MHz VCO frequency and 80MHz system clock frequency.
csantifort 4785d 18h /amber/trunk/doc/
40 Added wishbone bus jitter testing option.
Cleaned up waveform log .do files, now seperate files for a23 and a25 cores.
Added vmlinux executable elf file for running on hardware.
csantifort 4809d 15h /amber/trunk/doc/
36 Changed boot_mem for the a25 system to be 128 bits wide to match the 128-bit wide wishbone bus csantifort 4812d 15h /amber/trunk/doc/
35 Amber25 improvements:
Use 128-bit wishbone bus, instead of 32-bit to reduce cache miss fetch times
Use a fast barrel shifter for shifts between 0 and 4 to improve timing
Use a 2 cycle full barrel shifter for complex shifts
csantifort 4813d 22h /amber/trunk/doc/
26 Added wish list csantifort 4869d 23h /amber/trunk/doc/
24 Added instructions how to build Linux kernel from source files csantifort 4873d 21h /amber/trunk/doc/
20 Added feature to A25 core to directly use a read value from the write back stage
to reduce the stall to 1 cycle when there is a register conflict with the
following instruction. This increases performance by about 3%.
csantifort 4898d 22h /amber/trunk/doc/
18 Added list of source files and diagram for Amber25 core. csantifort 4901d 21h /amber/trunk/doc/
15 Copied amber to amber23, Many system changes to support new amber25 core. csantifort 4905d 10h /amber/trunk/doc/
11 Added vmlinux test. csantifort 4921d 22h /amber/trunk/doc/
7 Added instructions to use Veritak simulator.
Removed some unused functions from memory_configuration.v.
csantifort 4931d 17h /amber/trunk/doc/
4 Corrected a couple of minor typos csantifort 4935d 16h /amber/trunk/doc/
3 Added trunk to $AMBER_BASE path csantifort 4935d 20h /amber/trunk/doc/
2 Baseline release of the Amber 2 core csantifort 4935d 20h /amber/trunk/doc/

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