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81 Make the tcp functionality more like a normal sockets implementation. csantifort 4016d 23h /amber/trunk/hw/fpga/bin/Makefile
78 Added a serial debug port (using UART0) to boot-loader-ethmac csantifort 4031d 08h /amber/trunk/hw/fpga/bin/Makefile
75 Fixed scripts after renaming boot-loader to boot-loader-serial csantifort 4039d 02h /amber/trunk/hw/fpga/bin/Makefile
64 Support latest Xilinx ISE 14.5 software. csantifort 4039d 05h /amber/trunk/hw/fpga/bin/Makefile
63 Add support for Xilinx ISim Verilog simulator.
Remove Virtex-6 files.
csantifort 4039d 09h /amber/trunk/hw/fpga/bin/Makefile
61 Add new netowkr based boot loader.
Remove support for Virtex. Spartan 6 only now.
csantifort 4326d 03h /amber/trunk/hw/fpga/bin/Makefile
43 Added support for the flat executable file format to vmlinux, so that the hello-world program is correctly relocated when it is loaded at the end of the vmlinux test.
Changed the Virtex-5 clock configuration to use a 1200MHz VCO frequency and 80MHz system clock frequency.
csantifort 4719d 00h /amber/trunk/hw/fpga/bin/Makefile
35 Amber25 improvements:
Use 128-bit wishbone bus, instead of 32-bit to reduce cache miss fetch times
Use a fast barrel shifter for shifts between 0 and 4 to improve timing
Use a 2 cycle full barrel shifter for complex shifts
csantifort 4747d 05h /amber/trunk/hw/fpga/bin/Makefile
23 Split the source files list into a Vertex-6 only list and a Spartan-6 only list.
That way users don;t need to delete files from the list manually if they only have
a setup for one of the FPGA types.
csantifort 4807d 04h /amber/trunk/hw/fpga/bin/Makefile
21 Fixed bug in the conditions to create the FPGA configuration log file. I added the creation of the log file in the last release, but the way it was implemented was causing the Makefile to always rebuild from the start. csantifort 4811d 03h /amber/trunk/hw/fpga/bin/Makefile
19 Create a configuration log file as part of the synthesis flow. This file is a useful reference to
tell the different bitfiles apart.
csantifort 4832d 05h /amber/trunk/hw/fpga/bin/Makefile
15 Copied amber to amber23, Many system changes to support new amber25 core. csantifort 4838d 17h /amber/trunk/hw/fpga/bin/Makefile
11 Added vmlinux test. csantifort 4855d 05h /amber/trunk/hw/fpga/bin/Makefile
2 Baseline release of the Amber 2 core csantifort 4869d 03h /amber/trunk/hw/fpga/bin/Makefile

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