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89 CHange registered outputs with non-zero initial values to wires with an internal register.
This works around an issue with Altera (Quartus) synthesis where any port registers are given an initial vale of zero.
csantifort 3336d 01h /amber/trunk/hw/vlog/amber25/a25_decode.v
88 Added the carry in fix added recently to the a23 core to a25 core. csantifort 3336d 01h /amber/trunk/hw/vlog/amber25/a25_decode.v
83 Fixed bug with carry bit - now only use the carry bit as an input to specific instruments that use it - add with carry and subtract with carry csantifort 3349d 09h /amber/trunk/hw/vlog/amber25/a25_decode.v
82 Fixed overflag bug, ldmia user regs bug and status_bits_mode set on non-ececuting command bug csantifort 3362d 21h /amber/trunk/hw/vlog/amber25/a25_decode.v
63 Add support for Xilinx ISim Verilog simulator.
Remove Virtex-6 files.
csantifort 4049d 09h /amber/trunk/hw/vlog/amber25/a25_decode.v
60 Bug fix; removed a combinational loop from the a25_decode logic. csantifort 4554d 00h /amber/trunk/hw/vlog/amber25/a25_decode.v
53 Cleaned up Amber Verilog, removing unused signals. csantifort 4655d 22h /amber/trunk/hw/vlog/amber25/a25_decode.v
35 Amber25 improvements:
Use 128-bit wishbone bus, instead of 32-bit to reduce cache miss fetch times
Use a fast barrel shifter for shifts between 0 and 4 to improve timing
Use a 2 cycle full barrel shifter for complex shifts
csantifort 4757d 05h /amber/trunk/hw/vlog/amber25/a25_decode.v
20 Added feature to A25 core to directly use a read value from the write back stage
to reduce the stall to 1 cycle when there is a register conflict with the
following instruction. This increases performance by about 3%.
csantifort 4842d 04h /amber/trunk/hw/vlog/amber25/a25_decode.v
17 amber25 core bug fix. The return address for irq interrupts was off by 4 bytes
when the interrupt occurred during a stm instruction with the following instruction
having some register conflicts. Added test irq_stm to catch the bug.
Cleaned up some header descriptions
csantifort 4846d 02h /amber/trunk/hw/vlog/amber25/a25_decode.v
16 Deleted the old version of the 3-state amber core. Its replaced with amber23.
Added the 5-state Amber core.
csantifort 4848d 17h /amber/trunk/hw/vlog/amber25/a25_decode.v

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