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47 Tag version 0.1 of the Potato Processor skordal 3275d 17h /potato/tags/v0.1
45 Merge branch cache-playground (r23-r30 and r34-r44) into trunk

This primarily adds the following features the the processor:
- A direct-mapped instruction cache with configurable cache line width and
number of cache lines.
- Various bug fixes for bugs that appeared when the processor could run
instructions at full speed but had to stall for data.
- A "Hello World" test application.
skordal 3278d 12h /potato/trunk
36 Ensure correct read of CSR after stall skordal 3278d 13h /potato/trunk
35 Prevent jumping/branching when stalling skordal 3278d 13h /potato/trunk
34 Prevent flushing the pipeline if it is stalling skordal 3278d 13h /potato/trunk
28 Add rudimentary User's manual skordal 3292d 11h /potato/trunk
26 Prevent exceptions from being taken while stalling

Jumping to an exception handler while stalling and waiting for a load/store
instruction to finish can cause undefined results from the load/store
instruction. This actually fixes the issue mentioned in revision r20.
skordal 3292d 16h /potato/trunk
24 Remove unused STRINGIFY macros skordal 3295d 09h /potato/trunk
22 Fix the potato_get_badvaddr() macro skordal 3295d 10h /potato/trunk
21 Upgrade the example design to use a 60 MHz system clock skordal 3295d 10h /potato/trunk
20 Fix SHA256 benchmark crash by storing all registers on exception handler entry

This problem will disappear when the processor is updated to conform to the
new supervisor specification, which will allow us to use a compiler that
conforms to the new "official" ABI.
skordal 3295d 10h /potato/trunk
19 SHA256 benchmark: allow compiler to inline at will skordal 3295d 10h /potato/trunk
18 instr_misalign_check: add do_jump to sensitivity list skordal 3297d 10h /potato/trunk
17 Improve detection of unaligned instructions skordal 3301d 17h /potato/trunk
16 Correct grammar in source code comment skordal 3301d 17h /potato/trunk
15 SHA256 benchmark: fix Makefile syntax error skordal 3308d 10h /potato/trunk
14 Improve detection of invalid instructions skordal 3308d 11h /potato/trunk
13 Add SHA256 benchmark code skordal 3308d 15h /potato/trunk
12 Update example design with correct bug-report URL and testbenches skordal 3308d 17h /potato/trunk
11 Correct FIFO file header skordal 3308d 18h /potato/trunk

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