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38 root 5604d 09h /t6507lp/trunk/
37 Some minor fixes. Now we are trying to make it synthesizable. gabrieloshiro 5605d 06h /trunk/
36 All module names are written using uppercase letters now. gabrieloshiro 5605d 07h /trunk/
35 Several wires created to help code readibility. creep 5605d 07h /trunk/
34 Fixed state names. creep 5605d 09h /trunk/
33 Some portion of the absolute indexed mode is done, yet is fully nonfunctional. creep 5605d 09h /trunk/
32 Documentation is wrong. I`ve just kept the standard. Some ALU operations are not working 100%. Most of them don`t affect Processor Status Register yet. However the main body will be like this. :D gabrieloshiro 5605d 09h /trunk/
31 Added zero page indexed mode. creep 5605d 10h /trunk/
30 Added zero page mode. creep 5605d 10h /trunk/
29 Absolute addressing mode should be working. creep 5605d 11h /trunk/
28 More documentation. gabrieloshiro 5605d 12h /trunk/
27 Added the pipelining support for a few addressing modes. Still working on absolute addressing mode. creep 5605d 12h /trunk/
26 I`m still finishing the documentation. But the file should work by now. gabrieloshiro 5608d 06h /trunk/
25 Package file contains all important constants and local parameters. It assigns constant values for opcodes aliases, processor status register indexes, and addressing modes. It is going to help people to understand the code. T65 project has a lot of constants inside its codes. So it is hard to understand it. gabrieloshiro 5608d 07h /trunk/
24 Added some simple logic to a few states. Connection with the ALU is pending. creep 5608d 08h /trunk/
23 Updated file header standard. creep 5608d 09h /trunk/
22 Signal and module name convention. creep 5608d 09h /trunk/
21 *** empty log message *** creep 5608d 09h /trunk/
20 Added immediate, absolute and zero page addressing modes FSM branches. Five other modes still needed. Internal signal handling and temp registers still missing. creep 5608d 10h /trunk/
19 Parameters removed. creep 5608d 11h /trunk/
18 First version of the FSM.
Nothing works.
creep 5608d 11h /trunk/
17 Added a few more SET/CLEAR instructions. creep 5608d 12h /trunk/
16 Added a few SET/CLEAR instructions. creep 5608d 14h /trunk/
15 Fixing the $Log:$ tag. creep 5608d 15h /trunk/
14 The file was corrupted. No idea why. creep 5608d 15h /trunk/
13 fixing log tag creep 5608d 15h /trunk/
12 CPU ALU creep 5608d 15h /trunk/
11 Signals reorganized and commented. creep 5608d 15h /trunk/
10 Specification document moved to the right place. gabrieloshiro 5608d 16h /trunk/
9 IO first definition. It is not 6507-compatible yet. gabrieloshiro 5608d 16h /trunk/

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