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264 Final synthesis results. Gates, sdc, tcl, conf, etc. creep 5430d 11h /t6507lp
263 Added the final reports from synthesis without a VCD creep 5430d 12h /t6507lp
262 Final synthesis script. creep 5430d 12h /t6507lp
261 Added a better clock gating scheme with enable sharing creep 5430d 14h /t6507lp
260 removing useless files creep 5433d 09h /t6507lp
259 sync creep 5433d 09h /t6507lp
258 Fixed the input parametric testing logic, removed a pad. creep 5433d 09h /t6507lp
257 Modified script for DFT creep 5455d 12h /t6507lp
256 fp files creep 5455d 12h /t6507lp
255 Changed the PADS verilog description to minimize violations creep 5455d 12h /t6507lp
254 Fixed a latch in the design creep 5455d 12h /t6507lp
253 Changed the rw_mem signal name in the hierarchy creep 5478d 12h /t6507lp
252 Added a stubs file for the pads. creep 5478d 13h /t6507lp
251 Added the io wrapper creep 5478d 15h /t6507lp
250 Synthesis script changed creep 5478d 16h /t6507lp
249 Renamed the synthesis script creep 5479d 12h /t6507lp
248 Added a low power synthesis script creep 5484d 10h /t6507lp
247 Added the cpu mapped verilog creep 5484d 10h /t6507lp
246 Added some older files plus the first syn script creep 5485d 15h /t6507lp
245 Added a few dirs for the synthesis creep 5485d 15h /t6507lp
244 Added a few dirs for the synthesis creep 5485d 15h /t6507lp
243 Fixing STA_IDY bug creep 5527d 08h /t6507lp
242 Bug regardind the STA_IDY opcode creep 5527d 12h /t6507lp
241 Fixed half the problem with strange STA behavior. creep 5528d 10h /t6507lp
240 Finally fixed the decimal mode! creep 5528d 13h /t6507lp
239 Zero flag fixed for SBC while in Decimal Mode. Bug #34. gabrieloshiro 5528d 13h /t6507lp
238 ALU file is linted. creep 5531d 11h /t6507lp
237 Added a preliminary collision detection logic. creep 5532d 12h /t6507lp
236 Added the video converter testbench to the repository. creep 5532d 15h /t6507lp
235 Bug #60: added a brief simulation to the video_converter module. creep 5533d 09h /t6507lp

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