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14 Added old uploaded documents to new repository. root 5466d 09h /
13 Added old uploaded documents to new repository. root 5466d 15h /
12 New directory structure. root 5466d 15h /
11 Fixed DPLL alignment in the rx_phy and bit stuffing errors in the tx_phy (if last bit bit was a stuff bit in a packet it was omitted). rudi 7069d 16h /
10 Fixed a bug reported by Karl C. Posch from Graz University of Technology. Thanks Karl ! rudi 7391d 20h /
9 usb_rst is no longer or'ed with the incomming reset internally.
Now usb_rst is simply an output, the application can decide how
to utilize it.
rudi 7433d 19h /
8 - Fixed Sync Error to be only checked/generated during the sync phase rudi 7435d 07h /
7 - Made core more robust against line noise
- Added Error Checking and Reporting
(See README.txt for more info)
rudi 7435d 08h /
6 Updated description rudi 7438d 22h /
5 Updated info rudi 7830d 12h /
4 Changed top level name to be consistent ... rudi 7833d 09h /
3 This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'start'. 7833d 11h /
2 Created Directory Structure rudi 7833d 11h /
1 Standard project directories initialized by cvs2svn. 7833d 11h /

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