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19 Add MAF (both) and update the others (not pipelined and not optimized) constantina_elena 3797d 23h /xilinx_virtex_fp_library/
18 Update after testing (FLoPoCo testVectors):
- SinglePathFPAdder
- SinglePathFPAdderMappedConversions
- DualPathFPAdder

DualPathFPAdderMappedConversions is currently in work
constantina_elena 3806d 14h /xilinx_virtex_fp_library/
17 specialCases and zeroFlag review constantina_elena 3856d 20h /xilinx_virtex_fp_library/
16 Add GeneralPrecMAFMappedConversions constantina_elena 3856d 21h /xilinx_virtex_fp_library/
15 Add SinglePathAdderConversion constantina_elena 3858d 11h /xilinx_virtex_fp_library/
14 Correct adjust_exponent signal size from 1 bit to a 2 bits length constantina_elena 3865d 12h /xilinx_virtex_fp_library/
13 DualPath sign correction & ClosePath exponent correction constantina_elena 3865d 12h /xilinx_virtex_fp_library/
12 Avoid using one adder (update) constantina_elena 3865d 12h /xilinx_virtex_fp_library/
11 Adding the DualPathFPAdderMappedConversions directory and files constantina_elena 3865d 12h /xilinx_virtex_fp_library/
10 Make separate operations for each of the paths constantina_elena 3878d 02h /xilinx_virtex_fp_library/
9 Optimization regarding number of used adders constantina_elena 3878d 17h /xilinx_virtex_fp_library/
8 constantina_elena 3885d 18h /xilinx_virtex_fp_library/
7 constantina_elena 3898d 19h /xilinx_virtex_fp_library/
6 constantina_elena 3898d 19h /xilinx_virtex_fp_library/
5 constantina_elena 3898d 19h /xilinx_virtex_fp_library/
4 constantina_elena 3920d 17h /xilinx_virtex_fp_library/
3 GeneralPrecMAF Initial Import constantina_elena 3920d 17h /xilinx_virtex_fp_library/
2 bigsascha3 3959d 16h /xilinx_virtex_fp_library/
1 The project and the structure was created root 3974d 04h /xilinx_virtex_fp_library/

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